Beast (2022)

Movie Published 25 Sep, 2022 · 188 Words

The movie kept me at the edge of my toes throughout. We don't know where the lion is gonna show up from. Is it in front of me or is it behind me? Especially at night. How are we supposed to know where it is when we can't even see what's right in front of us? What really impressed me is the cinematography. It feels so close to the action. The shots are mostly really close up and long cuts are everywhere. I absolutely loved the dream sequence Elba had when he was woken up by a nightmare. It was absolutely fantastic. Mimicking a long cut, it did an absolutely fantastic job at it. I honestly hated the kids. The movie took the marvel route here. They're so arrogant. They don't understand what risks and responsibilities mean. It's as if they're forced to live rather than coasting through life. I guess this isn't entirely off the truth. People these days are really disconnected from natural and social ecosystems. They might be masters of the digital world but without practical exposure how can they comprehend and assess risks and consequences?

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