Critique of Criticism

Essay Published 13 Oct, 2022 · 292 Words

Anyone can agree that there's so much content out there nowadays. Compared to just a decade or two ago. The frequency of good media being released has skyrocketed. On top of that, the range of tastes the media caters to has widened as well. This brings rise to a whole new problem. The paradox of choice. If there are so many choices to spend my time on, which one should I pick? Will I be happy watching this rather than that? Will this TV show satisfy me? To answer these questions, a whole discipline of content came into being. The critiques. People sharing their opinions so others can decide if a certain title is worth their time or not. This made things really easy. Does a movie have a low rotten tomatoes score? You're definitely not going to like it. However, it's so easy to lose ourselves in the sea of criticism nowadays. From movie YouTubers like Mauler to the Critical Drinker. As much as they criticise, there's a sort of enjoyment in watching them. To see stories being shredded and torn apart. To see them being put to the ground and kicked. But is that enjoyment long-lasting? From my experience, no. Watching a video about why to hate a game because the publisher got itself caught up in a scandal might feel satisfying in the short run. It doesn't leave a lasting impression. Even if it does, it isn't a sweet one. Unlike the kind of feeling you get when you finally beat the hand of the king in dead cells or the curiosity, you feel when immersing yourself in the American Revolution in AC3. Everything has faults. But letting them define a title from everything it has to offer simply blinds you.

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