Klaus (2019)

Movie Published 24 Dec, 2022 · 441 Words

For the first time, I decided to download a good number of movies in preparation for Christmas. To watch on Christmas day and Eve. Since we celebrate Christmas on the 25th. We usually don't get time to watch anything then. So to at least watch one movie, I gathered my parents in front of the TV and put on a movie. The first one we watched was a cheap comedy knockoff of The Christmas Carol starring Ryan Renolds called Spirited. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the actor. Though I liked his performance on Deadpool, that's also where my praise for the actor's roles ends. On top of all that, the movie was a freaking musical! I hate 'those' kinds of movies from the bottom of my heart and as such. I had to watch it in agony. Since my mom loves those kinds of movies, I didn't utter a single word of discontent and just keep watching. After watching the movie equivalent of a kid's birthday party, I wanted more. I wanted closure. I didn't want Christmas to taste like Spirited. I wanted it to be sweet. So I looked through the ones I had. The Christmas Chronicles; not sure. The boy called Christmas; sounds too good to be true. Then Klaus. I wasn't exactly sure about this one. I've already seen the trailer and it didn't impress me a lot. The animation looked janky and honestly weird. But I gave it a try nonetheless. Long story short. When the movie ended. I was nearly in tears. That's how much it impacted me. And it was 11:35 PM. Church was supposed to start at 11:30! My dad was screaming to get ready for church. My mom was already ready and I was glued to the TV. I simply couldn't stop watching until it finished. Klaus has to be the best Christmas movie I've ever watched. I think I really have an animation bias but who cares! If I enjoy it, that's what matters. The movie's story was just... so heartwarming. It was wholesome. It wasn't a john wick incarnate like Violent Night, horror incarnate like the Christmas Carol and mediocrity incarnate like Spirited. It was in a league of its own. Next to the big boys. It took me a few minutes to get used to the look of the movie but I got used to it faster than I expected. And the characters too. They were so wholesome. I love happy endings like this. Movies these days focus so much on complex conflicts that it's sometimes overwhelming. Simple movies like this exist to fill that void. And I loved it.

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