The Proletariat Manifesto

Story Published 16 Jan, 2023 · 226 Words

Wrote this for Commicasa. In a time when wars against Opinions were fought. There was once a small factory manufacturing humanity's next biggest leap in weapons technology. Plushies. There, ambition and hard work were not enough to get ahead of the mass populace. Tired of watching the entrepreneurs control the factory as if it were a startup, a young man decided to take matters into his own hands. He rallied the other plushie engineers to overthrow the grifters and create a commune where every plushie of mass destruction would be equally distributed. At first, the factory prospered and everyone, even the sentient plushies, were happy. But soon, the engineers realized that without any incentives, productivity dropped and they could not keep up with the neighbouring factories. The commune's motto of "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" quickly became "From each according to their laziness, to each according to their greed." In the end, they decided to introduce a system of rewards and penalties, but it was too late. The plushies weren't happy. What started off as a revolution ended in a bloodbath of white fur turning red. As the young man lay dying on the cold factory floor, he looked up at a cute white rabbit with azure eyes and realized that slogans sound great on paper, but reality is always more complicated.

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