The Perfect Heist

Story Published 22 Mar, 2023 · 448 Words

A hypothetically true story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I felt sweat trickling down my back as I sat in the exam hall, waiting for my Advanced Level ICT exam to begin. I knew this was my chance to shine. I've always craved adventure, whether it's cycling through busy streets or testing my computer skills. And when it came to acing my exams, I was determined to put my skills to good use, even if I might very well fail every other subject. As soon as the exam started, I went into overdrive, requesting extra answer sheets left and right to make it seem like I was just a passionate student with a lot to say. Writing so fast, I asked for over six answer sheets in just half an hour. My hands moved so quickly that I was afraid I might appear suspicious. But I was too good to get caught. I had a plan. Little did anyone know, I was writing two sets of answers: my own sheet and a secret one that only my trusted cheating ring knew about. We had a system in place. Each time I finished a page, I lightly tapped the chair of the guy in front of me. He knew the drill. Without a single flinch, he would slowly extend his hand backwards. I would extend mine and bam, the answer sheet exchanged hands. And like clockwork, my comrades would pass the sheet down the line, copying the answers as they went. It was a bulletproof system, and we were all in it together. While all this happened, other students saw me passing the papers forward. What did they do? They smirked at me, and I smirked in response. They knew I was cheating, and I knew they were cheating. No one was a saint. They could have exposed us, but I wasn't worried. We sat for our exams in our own school, surrounded by people we knew. As the only English Medium class in our grade, we had been in the same class for the last seven years. We had each other's backs and weren't afraid to push the limits. Looking back, it was a daring move, a thrill I will never forget. We had outsmarted the system, and we had done it together. It was like being a secret agent, working under the radar to achieve our mission. We were all in the same boat, after all. Sure, cheating wasn't the right thing to do, but as the exam came to a close, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in what we had accomplished. Our cheating ring had forged a bond through danger and the thrill of the unknown, pulling off something truly daring. The perfect heist.

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