Dead Asleep

Story Published 27 Sep, 2022 · 602 Words

A weirdly true story. There's a peculiar relationship between me and sleep. After I rest my head on a pillow, I never lift it up until I'm done sleeping. Like, take this one time. I was home all alone at night. Both of my parents we off working. I'm an only child so I get to monopolize the whole house to myself. That day, my parents were later than usual. Feeling sleepy I closed my eyes for a bit and before I knew it I was fast asleep. In a dream, I heard distant voices. One, in particular, felt as if it was calling out for me. Aiya, aiya, aiya... (aiya means big brother in Sinhala). The noises got louder and louder. Then I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. It felt as if I got stabbed. In an instant, I was shot awake. I woke up yelling trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. So what happened? Late, my mom came home. She knew I was the only one at home because she called dad just before getting off of her office transport. Getting to the side door, she knocked. No response. Knowing how deep my sleep is, she knocked hard again while screaming out my name. She was tired so she didn't yell out at the top of her lungs but she knew there was no way anyone inside of the house couldn't hear her. Still, no response. Getting irritated, she took her phone out and dialled my number. The phone rang and rang and rang... No answer. Starting to get anxious, my mom circled the house. My room is right next to the side door. With a window right above my bed. Anyone peeping in can know in an instant if the room is occupied or not. Not wanting to waste any more time, my mom looked through the curtains and saw me sleeping. The anxiousness now turned into anger. Why isn't this child awake yet? With a newfound flame, she knocked hard on the window. Thinking there's no way I could not hear it now. I was right there but still no response. Now she panicked. Why is this miscreant not waking up? Is something wrong??? My grandparents live right next door. Not knowing what to do, my mom called grandpa. Within a minute both of them were banging on the window, yelling out to me. Now they were really scared. Grandma on the other hand was like fuel on the flame. As always she was catastrophising from the background. What if he suffered a stroke? What are we going to do?? Is he alive?? How can he still be asleep???? They tried everything to wake me but to no avail. Screaming didn't help and neither did banging on the window. Desperate, grandpa went back home. He came back with a thin metal pole. The kind you can insert through small holes. My mom wasn't entirely surprised. Grandpa wasn't the kind of person to wait for help. He was the help. My mom tried her best to pull the window out of the frame. Grandpa tried to crank the pole into the corner. It budged just enough to make a hole big enough to let the pole pass through. Now that it's in, he tried to poke me awake. He tried one, nothing. Twice, I was still as good as dead. Not losing hope, he pushed it in with full force. That force right there. That's the pain I felt. I woke up to find nearly my whole extended family outside. They were literally ready to break down the door if they had to.

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