The Man from Toronto (2022)

Movie Published 25 Aug, 2022 · 442 Words

Whenever I see baldy. My first instinct is; get in there! One Saturday, when I was out at a friend's place. Just before I was about to leave they put on a movie. It started off like one of those blockbuster serious movies. Cool city landscape shots. Arial drone footage. Top actors. I had a class that evening and I was already 15 minutes too late. So I didn't pay a lot of attention to the screen. My eyes were continually darting on and off the clock. Then something happened that kept my eyes focused on the screen right up until I had to force myself to leave. Mr Baldy was in this movie. After that, I was certain of one thing. I was definitely missing out on something great. Fast forward a couple of weeks. I finally watched it at home. Just like my first impression. I stood corrected. This movie is fantastic! Ever since I watched that one zombie movie, ehm, Zombie Land. Woody Harrelson never left my actors hall of fame. After being exposed to so many good actors in so many mediums throughout the years. I still get excited when I see him play a role. In a way the guy's iconic. He always plays a similar kind of character. Even my dad, who for context never remembers actors by name nor by face, knew right away what Baldy was going to be like in the movie. Baldy is so good at portraying the strong but sensitive on the inside character that it's literally his hallmark. The movie was absolutely hilarious. It even nailed the one thing most comedy titles get wrong. Then ending. I was laughing so hard even as the credits rolled. I won't go so far as to say the movie is great. It had its mishaps. This is one of those, it's so bad it's good, type of scenarios. Like, take the boxing gym fight scene in the final act. It's obvious that it's a ripoff of THAT scene from the Kingsmen. As bad as the choreography and the cuts were, it wasn't boring. It was silly and fun. Making it all the more enjoyable. I've been watching a lot of Gintama these days so I can safely say that I know a thing or two about comedy. The jokes in this were pretty funny. I can definitely see where the extremely low ratings come from. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy this. The movie was absurd. It had convoluted plots. It had that really stupid love interest. But you know what it did have. It had Debrora, the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T. May she rest in peace.

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