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Other Published 24 Aug, 2022 · 5 Words

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The Man from Toronto (2022)

Whenever I see baldy. My first instinct is; get in there! One Saturday, when I was out at a friend's place. Just before I was about to leave they put on a movie. It started off like one of those blockbuster serious movies. Cool city landscape shots. Arial drone footage. Top actors. I had a class that evening and I was already 15 minutes too late. So I didn't pay a lot of attention to the screen...

The Purpose Dillema

What does it mean to have the drive to live? Most would answer by saying what they want to become. A millionaire, an entrepreneur, a doctor, an architect and the list goes on. We define our motivations based on the future we want. Our dreams. In such a pretence, what would a person without dreams say? What if you try to intentionally halt dreaming? Would that person not have the drive to live? As...

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