Alexander; The nuances of teaching

Story Published 1 Dec, 2018 · 163 Words

A rendition of a story my O/L history teacher told me One day a group of students who were around the age of seven go on a visit to Greece. There the teacher started to explain to them about Alexander the great. In front of a statue of his figurine on horseback at the great library of Athens. Pointing towards it she said in a very esteemed tone and a much honourable posture: “Once, there lived a great king. He was not just a great king but also a great conqueror. At one time children, he was the king of almost half of the whole world. And his name is Alexander the Great. He built great buildings and travelled vast distances. He’s also the one who built this very own library that we stand upon, the library of Alexandria.” One of the students suddenly cried as all children sometimes do at very unexpected moments; Teacher! Teacher!! Teacher!! And asked, “who is that man on Alexander’s back.”

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