Essay Published 7 Dec, 2018 · 154 Words

How can you convince someone not to accept but to at least consider a philosophical claim proposed with proper logical and rational evidence, when one rejects your opinion without for once thinking of the idea presented? By saying, “You’re too young to understand” “It’s normal for children of your age to make such absurd claims” “Please stop, like you can change the world” “It’s alright you will mature with time” “The world does not work the way you think” Though I know that some of my claims may be subjected to such biases of my state of maturity. I am not perfect, yes I agree with it. But is it required for others to completely shut me up into such solitude of disacceptance? Not thinking if the idea by any chance is correct or incorrect. And why is it that people mostly judge others through their physical characteristics, even when they know that it’s wrong?

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