Cannibals of Their Own God

Essay Published 19 Dec, 2018 · 140 Words

Catholicism is fabricated mainly around the sacred sacrifice of Christ. The O’holy saviour. The religion and its doctrine, though evolved through the ages- by newer creeds and other updates- still follow the initial cause. The worship of the all mighty triad, the holy trinity. As a custom to the last supper, implemented by Jesus. And to this day, in remembrance of the supper held two millennia ago. Worshipers spiritually perform a weekly ritual, called the holy mass. As stated in the Bible attendance at this get-together is a must for followers. Who also believes that the living Christ is present in the blessed bread, devoured at the climax of every mass and that it nourishes and heals them? This means, they eat the living Christ in order to be blessed, and healed. Thereby making Catholics cannibals of their own god.

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