The Clog of Life

Essay Published 24 Dec, 2018 · 186 Words

Most people collect and gather objects for their material and monetary value. But with time some of those lose partially the value attribute. Meaning it will someday be deprived of all its objectivity, other than the material and sentimental value. As we humans are often applying a sentimental value to most of the objects we interact with while appreciating objects with functionality and a pleasurable look. As the usability of an object depreciates over time, the sentimental value we assess does not. So, therefore, we begin to get clogged by the massive number of objects we collect. Creating a stockpile of unusable and not needed objects. Because of evolution, we are psychologically forced by our mental framework to not let go of those collected items. This mental force rejects our subconscious mind to stop letting things go. This creates an imbalance of resources within this already limited world. Though back then when this evolutionary characteristic formed, the number of people living was low with large amounts of untouched and unused resources available. And to stop or halt this drive quit access to knowledge and become wise.

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People think, and divert their mental power towards many tasks. Though one’s subconscious mind processes are primarily focused on the thought of survival and the other primitive needless tasks. Our conscious mind, on the other hand, is not in focus on needs and is not active at all times. Due to the fact that high amounts of energy are needed to process thoughts in the conscious mind because it an...

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