The Paradox of Time

Essay Published 7 Dec, 2018 · 281 Words

Life as we know it is eternally finite. However, the universe is existentially infinite in accordance with the human lifespan which is utterly minuscule in the face of astronomical timelines. One lives and dies, then the next and the next just like the one before. We, humans, are just a spec in the multiverse. Yet most everyone is fighting for infinite objects made of material substances in the finite time we all have left. Though how they live. Or what they did. No mere person can initiate a difference or shift that can affect this universe let alone humanity. Rather, one would only last in the memory of his relatives and in the legacy they have achieved while alive. Even then it’s only a matter of time since all evidence to confirm one’s existence disappears. That’s the day that one truly dies. The day the last person forgets that you have ever lived or existed. We live in a universe where time is always in control of us. Time is the puppeteer and we're the puppets. Time has always existed. It is existing at this very moment and will always continue to exist. All timelines of time abide by a single plain. Thereby making one immortal in such perspective. Meaning in such a school of thought, one; has always lived, is always living and will continue to live forever. We humans may find this hard to conceive as we live in a 4th-dimensional universe with sensory organs and a consciousness built only to sense the 3rd dimension. Thus we can assume that we are vesting upon an ever-expanding but forever relative epochic cosmos of space and time. Simply called the paradox of time.

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