Remember This

Poem Published 10 Oct, 2019 · 136 Words

Every moment you’ve spent breathing was deceit. Every sensation of freedom you felt was deceit. You are only but a playground of the mind. A faint perception to ensure progress. An illustration of nature, bound to reality. The reality of one’s own truth. No matter your strengths nor weaknesses, you cannot fly. No matter your anguish nor hope, you cannot fly. You’ve flown only but the illusion of flight. A craving you sought, in ignorance of the fantasy within. No matter the law or order, you cannot escape. No matter the clarity nor accuracy, you cannot escape. No matter the effort nor struggle, you cannot escape. No matter the perspective, the shackles of reality never retire. Grow and become fulfilled by wealth and satisfaction. But know it is only but a lie. Reject and become fulfilled by wisdom and understanding. But know it is no different from the deception you seek to overcome.

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