Essay Published 27 Nov, 2019 · 182 Words

Everyone wants productivity. And you know what they want out of it. Satisfaction. Pleasure. A meaning. They know that they could very likely not achieve it. But they keep hope. They push on. They fight for their own cause. And say, they reach satisfaction. So what out of it? Pleasure, yes, but then what? What can come out of it? You can get that same experience with just a few grams of ecstasy. It’s the same chemicals, that pleasure you. It’s the same satisfactory feeling you get from both. It’s the same meaningless universe you left before you experienced the satisfaction. And then again, it doesn’t last. I mean, why would it? The purpose of that reactionary flush of pleasure wasn’t to make you in a way happy about yourself nor to show you that you’ve won something. It’s to motivate you into believing that what you did to feel it was correct. Then again, this can all be artificially simulated. Take drugs for example. It’s the same case as an achievement, while this has a few more meaningless steps in between.

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