Frozen II (2019)

Movie Published 27 Nov, 2019 · 370 Words

The more I think about it. The more I wonder. Can anything be enough? Should anything be enough? How can you define the feeling of satisfaction as satisfactory? Considering that, the engulfing satisfactory feeling is the reason we yearn for it when we are lacking it. If it did not exist, why would we search nor try so hard to get it nevertheless? The feeling of being in a world soo, perfect and feeling the best you can feel while also knowing deep down that it is never infinite nor perfect. There’s just some more to be had. A better feeling than what you felt. We seek that. Day and night. For a promise, we’ve made to ourselves. A story, almost a fantasy of the satisfaction we will gain. We tell ourselves to push on, to never give up. While again knowing from even a tiny part of your mind, that you're following an illusion. A perfectly crafted illusion, designed by evolution and refined by natural selection. An illusion that we cannot break off from. A constant in a universe where all is an undefined variable. But ironically, even that sense of freedom you gain from getting to know just a brief part of the meaningless universe is in fact just another mirage, an illusion with extra steps; “It’s society. They work for each other. They pay each other. They buy houses. They get married and make children that replace them when they get too old to make power. That just sounds like slavery with extra steps.” - Rick and Morty Lovely movie by the way. Although you feel like shit after you finish it. I tried my best not to but ahh fuck me. I know, i may be stupid to act it this way, but what can i say, I don't have a choice do i? I can’t stop my brain from going after the fantasy, it’s too elusive. And the other question is, should I stop? Should i just let it feel on or should i just tell it to sod off. See, another paradox. The duality is similar to: “You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me” - Thanos, Avengers

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