The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021)

Movie Published 26 Jul, 2022 · 256 Words

Wow, that was something. It was beautiful. For a while now, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Witcher series. I used to love it. I didn’t go on to read the whole series of books for nothing. Watching this, reminded me of how I felt back when I first discovered the series with the TV series. Plus, it’s an anime! What more could you even ask for? Just like Star Wars, the Witcher is primarily based on an action fantasy setting. And just like Star Wars Visions, Nightmare of the Wolf simply aces at saturating and showing the world with the utmost vividity. Imo, the Witcher works best in this form. The visuals, the stylization, the action. All of it is so elegant when done in this medium. One of the main reasons why a rift formed between the Witcher and me is because of how disappointed I was with the second season of the TV series. It was honestly boring. I didn’t look forward to it. Nor did I care about it much. It felt like eating vegetables for dinner when a whole buffet was available. The second season didn’t grab me at all. Now that I look at it. I bet if I watched the first season again. I would be left disappointed as well. Even though the story and characters are excellent, the fantastic nature seems to sweep past me when watching it in live action. This did not even for a second happen with the anime. The music was as great as always

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