The Problem with Science

Essay Published 26 Nov, 2018 · 168 Words

People think, and divert their mental power towards many tasks. Though one’s subconscious mind processes are primarily focused on the thought of survival and the other primitive needless tasks. Our conscious mind, on the other hand, is not in focus on needs and is not active at all times. Due to the fact that high amounts of energy are needed to process thoughts in the conscious mind because it analyses much by using much more data. But as of the subconscious is mainly driven by habits. We, humans, create habits in order to decrease the pressure or in other words the load on our brain capacity. In crafting such habits the subconscious plays a key role in controlling and managing. While the conscious part is mainly focused on one-time tasks or tasks that are new, fresh and unknown or even tasks that are not performed as often as they should be. Making it not a viable pattern to be made in remembrance for later use in another instance.

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