A Creation of the Mind

Essay Published 20 Mar, 2019 · 351 Words

The almighty God is a figure who is omnipotent, who is omniscient and omnipresent. He/She/It is someone who is mentioned in one of the greatest books of all, as depicted by those who worship the teachings inscribed in it. It is a book that holds many stories and lessons for life. And it is a book that has held its value for far more time than any other book that has ever existed before. It is looked upon as a pinnacle of religious belief. And in it lies the holy words describing the oh holy figure. Though this figure is depicted as someone who is far ahead of humans in terms of mental abilities and capabilities. He/She/It is a mere creation of the bible. We humans cannot comprehend nor know of the existence of this figure without it. However, the holy book is written in the hand of human beings. Beings who are made of emotions, feelings and sensitivity. And the reflection of God is the reflection of the literary structure that the book’s creators had in mind. It is only through our imagination that this divine figure comes to rising and exists. It is by our collective thought that this sacred entity stems into existence. Without it, no divine intervention would ever keep this God alive. The same goes for all the gods who existed before, yes, they truly existed but they existed only in the mind of the Human animal, nowhere else. Once the beings lose interest in such a figure, damn it, if one forgets to book a funeral parlour or a library. The same goes for beauty, it lies only in the hands of the beholder. God, exists in the hands of the beholder. In the imagination of the beholder. So, call God jealous if it suits. Or call him greedy for animal flesh if it suits. But whatever emotion or feeling or negativity or positivity we decide to call. God is still just a figure animated in a millennia-old book who exists not objectively but only in the highly imaginary and creative consciousness of the Human mind.

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