A Tale of Comfort & Power

Essay Published 4 Jun, 2019 · 489 Words

As it goes most humans are creatures who strive for self-comfort and power. Power is the fundamental drive for control over the behaviour of both humanity and the natural and artificial surroundings. A thrive for the order of their desire. To have the upper hand. To be the alpha. The concept of power is an evolutionary characteristic that inherently exists for a reason. Even during the early ages, life adapted a method of reproduction that is sexual. And in this method of sexual reproduction, it is necessary that only the fittest gain access to reproduction, the best and strongest male gets to mate with the female as that is the most efficient way of carrying on a species. So as the outcome this process makes offspring more adapted and overall better than any other males could have made. So, the metaphorically strong get to move on through the generations. The definition of power in humanity all the while is just a slight complication. We choose the best companions by being as much meticulous as possible and this is what drives the concept of evolution. Only the traits that provide an advantage get to move forward. People go towards power “cos it feels good”. Our brain is the controller of all the delights and sufferings we feel and chose pleasure with power as it is advantageous for the species as a whole as stated above if the fittest lived on and the weak perished. All the while, on the other hand, it is the brain’s reward system that is responsible for all the positive, dopamine-filled pleasure reactions we react to. The primal purpose of the pleasure system is to reward the body for doing actions that our brain thinks are good for us by making a decision based on our sensory input. And the conscious mind is drawn to that subconscious cue cos of the pleasure it comes with. It is the best organism control method in the world. Not controlled by fear nor pain but by pleasure itself. In Ado ulus Huxley’s novel Brave new worlds, he crafted a totalitarian regime made of pure pleasure, and the citizens are fully influenced by it. Because of it, the state can control the people like Muppets cos what’s there to stop it? No opposition is willing to give up pleasure for hardship. The result is quite obvious a totalitarian government with total domination by an illusion of happiness based upon a false abstraction of happiness. Humans crave pleasure which is why we even do the things we do in the first place. So once we get a taste of it we never want to go out of it again. Even in the knowledge of pleasure is imminent and only disillusionment, almost no one listened as we are hogging dopamine addicts. When tasting the full flavour of the pleasure system one can never assume a way out into a world of pain and hardship.

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