Poem Published 5 Jun, 2020 · 76 Words

I have found nothing No potent spasm of truth’s hue No certainty in depths of visible divinity I have no enlightenment No scar laid barely on slopes of thought No ignition electrifying the libraries of cognition I have discovered no principle No strings of rules hardened in stone No temple where reason stands helpful I have no letter No filament of Hermes to guide my path No key deciphering the chains of reality I have discovered no Magnum Opus No visiting visage vanishing vastly No tranquillity in my mind’s nihility

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The Last Samurai (2003)

I don’t watch western movies often. My entire entertainment diet these days is taken up by Japanese media. More specifically anime. This has been the case since I started my journey into anime back in late 2020. Ever since I got a taste. I haven’t been able to stop. As if the whole medium was made for me. I feel right at home with the stories being told. Compared to just a couple of years ago. You...

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021)

Wow, that was something. It was beautiful. For a while now, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Witcher series. I used to love it. I didn’t go on to read the whole series of books for nothing. Watching this, reminded me of how I felt back when I first discovered the series with the TV series. Plus, it’s an anime! What more could you even ask for? Just like Star Wars, the Witcher is primarily b...

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