Circle of Life

Essay Published 4 Mar, 2018 · 476 Words

Life is an exam, for which everyone participates. In this exam of life, the syllabus is undefined, questions vast and unknown and answers, abstract. We write this exam and exit without a result. No one succeeds, and no one fails. But everyone competes; We compete in, “The Circle Of Life”. A circle with no beginning nor end to it. A circle which ends at the starting point and begins at the end. Similarly, life begins and ends at the same point in the same locus. But the cycle moves on. While life absolutes. This circle of life can only be run once. However the run, or how big the circle may be, always ends at the beginning. We say that we are running to win. The run for most would be fruitful and for some bitter, but in truth, we are just running towards an endless dream. Towards the same demise. We started competing in this unannounced competition and it continued with no pause until the end. Adding to that, the circle of life has an unalterable past and an uncertain future. Once we cross a point, we cannot revert. It’s like a one-way journey to an unknown destiny. Similar to how the direction keeps on changing in a circle, our future keeps on changing and shifting. Whoever runs in on the circle, inevitably wants to make it bigger. While comparing, we measure the circumference and the area of our circle and cry loudly “mine is bigger”, although sometimes we pretend. However, we always forget that the ultimate destination is and forever will be the same for all. Everyone draws their circle differently. Even though the styles differ, everyone travels around the same ring. Sometimes forgetting the cause, we start naming the styles. We call them by creed, We call them by their skin colour, and we call them by race. It is like fighting over the handwriting rather than the meaning. The path at times wobbles, extends and contracts. It creates, distinctions such as personality differences, intelligence differences, preference changes etc. With those changes, we started saying good and bad, right and wrong, high and low, pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow etc. We started conditioning our minds towards one side and began to say, “My path is the only correct one”. We adjusted the line according to our convenience and started saying that our lifestyle, our beliefs, our religion, and our identities are greater than those of others. Hence, creation of the illusion of success and failure is born. Failing to draw out the bigger picture of life. Thus creating uncertainty, which leads to the greater mysteries and miseries of life such as conflict, poverty, corruption, insecurity and inequality. We cannot escape them. The dilemmas of our Eden put forth by its dwellers. So let us compete or in other words, live this finite misery and try to enjoy it as well.

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